Rands Hands
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About the Practitioner

~ Randy Orozco, CMT.         **Rands Hands**

I have learned of all the amazing benefits and healing properties of massage through out the many years I've been helping people with their issues & injuries, including my own. Infact, massage works wonderfully with other modalities of holistic care as well! Life is not kind to our bodies... whether we experience accidents, repetitive motion injuries, or just simple gravity... our muscles and bones tell the tale of our lives thus far.

I have chosen this path because I believe there is a huge tendency of disconnect between the mind and body. It is our innate nature to heal; our bodies were created in a way that it constantly strives to be well. It is in the disconnect that our innate nature becomes lost. Bodywork brings the mind back to the body and helps us to live in the moment and focus on what, exactly, is going on with our bodies. There is more to wellness than just the absence of disease, so it is my hope to help each and every client to become more body-aware and to rediscover the forgotten path to healing and to their own health and wellness. Let the journey of healing begin!

On April 11, 2013 i was recognized by the California Massage Therapy Council as a Certified Massage Therapist and given my California license to practice.

Randy Orozco, CMT. Certified Massage Therapist (California Massage Therapy Counsil). Certification #44014.

Training: Brymann College, graduated May 2004. Continuing education at the Massage School of Santa Monica.

Practice Philosophy: "Therapeutic Massage is like an art - It involves knowledge of the body, flow of positive energy, and soothing movements."

"Just breath... Relax & let go..."

Why do i do what I do: Having a positive effect on people makes me feel happy & feel at peace.

Hobbies and other professions: When I'm not a massage therapist, I am also a kettle bell instructor & help Grand-Master teach self-defense.

I enjoy drumming, dancing, camping/hiking, hangin at the beach, eating healthy, exercising, relaxing & studying martial arts with my son & family!