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Deep Stretching • Massage Therapy

Client Forms

All first time clients must fill out the First-time Client Health History form and bring it to your first massage session. If you are unable to print the form out, there will be copies available at the office, but you must make time to fill out the client form first, prior to the massage, or else it will cut into your massage time. (Exceptions may be made unless there is a client scheduled after you). 

 All clients who wish to have a massage in their own homes must fill out the client Screening Questionnaire form and email it to me... before the massage takes place. 

 For clients who wish to see a picture and a description of the human muscular system in order to best describe your pain or problem areas, you may view a map here: Body Map for Clients 

 For clients who wish to offer feedback for the massage you received, please fill out the Client Feedback form and either hand it in or email me at... your convenience.

 If you have any disease, illness, or any contagious health concerns please notify me during scheduling and have your physician fill out the Physician's Permission form prior to receiving your massage. If you do show without a physician's consent, the massage will be canceled and re-scheduled to a later date.

 If you wish to involve your insurance to cover your massage work as physical therapy or treatment for your injuries, you must have your physician fill out the Physician's Referral form and email it to... with your health insurance information included, and wait for the health insurance company's approval before scheduling your massage.