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Member Program

 I have put together a Member Program to provide individualized therapeutic relaxing massage & stretching treatments to fit each one of my client's needs. As part of this program, I spend time with each client discussing their surface issues, such as pain, symptoms, conditions, specific areas of concern. Then I use a number of different modalities including healing energy during each session, catering my technique to fit each client's particular concerns... 

At the same time, I stay connected with my clients essential nature, which is beyond their pain, beyond their symptoms, beyond their conditions of their life. Helping my client reconnect with them selves to become more body-aware, and rediscover the forgotten path to healing and to their own health & wellness through a deeper level of treatment & care.

My program is a 12 session treatment process with a few follow-up visits to support the changes in the body, you may continue beyond 12 treatments as well...

I recommend at the least, one treatment a month...

This is not a job for me, my greatest joy comes from helping others feel their best by helping them return to their natural balance.

Become a Member today and prepare to feel relief from your neck and back pain, tension & stress in a relaxing and soothing environment. Tight muscles and stress can drain people both physically and mentally. Holistic massage treatments will relax your muscles and thereby relax you. Receiving monthly massages will help your immune system work more efficiently while reducing anxiety and depression levels. Stress related tension is believed to account for 80-90% of disease, massage can be considered a preventative measure to maintain a healthier you.


~Randy Orozco


Your first visit includes a consultation. Please plan accordingly to allow 15 minutes before & after treatment. This will allow me to get to know you, find out what your health needs and goals are, put together the right treatment plan for you, and guide you through my system.

Let the journey of healing begin...

**Improve quality of life today!**

                                ... You deserve it!