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Dear Randy,  

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with others...

I acquired a shoulder injury and spent hundreds on copayment with my therapies but because I never did my stretches on my own, I saw very little progress. Only three months into Randy's yearly membership ($100/mo) and I no longer feel the constant drumming pain on my shoulder. I pride myself in having a frugal lifestyle and still, I consider this one of the best investments made. 

Vanessa Gonzalez. Veg.ucla@gmail.com 


I've been going to Randy weekly for about ten years. He keeps current on new technique, is very responsive to my needs and requests, and has become like a second brother to me. He's dependable, calm, warm, considerate. I highly recommend him.

Sarah Laurenson. Sarah.laurenson@gmail.com


Rands is amazing!! He knows what needs to be done on your body without you having to really say anything if he didn't ask. Very intuitive. Membership is the way to go. Rands is thorough. He, also, gives many incentives for referrals. My husband and I love his work.

Chera Bashor.   dulcineaqueen@aol.com 


Just finished my treatment. I'm so relaxed. I've known Rands for about 8 years and I highly recommend him. Take care of yourself and schedule a monthly treatment. YOU'RE WORTH IT! I'm at my desk most of the day and my neck, back and shoulders love me, because I take care of them. Thanks Rands your're awesome!

Nancy Zazanis. nkz54@att.net 


Randy is an exceptional therapist... He is very attentive and relaxing  he is always generous with his healing energy and has always been timely courteous and professional  I highly recommend him as an extremely well trained and attentive therapist.

Richard Hajjar.  richardhajjar@yahoo.com 



My experience with Randy was absolutely fantastic. I never felt so good after a massage. I workout regularly and have trouble with my lower back. He knew exactly how to fix my issues which included extreme pain in my hamstring & lower back. By the time he was finished I can actually reach my toes without absolutely any pain.

I would highly recommend Randy for a therapeutic massage to anyone who has any issues or just wants a great relaxing massage.

Deborah Sable. deborah@corefit.com , www.corefit.com 



"To be a great healer is not to only have the knowledge and the technique skills, but to have a pure soul and the strong and loving intension to transfer the healing energy. Randy is not only highly knowledgable and a master at his craft, but he has the rare quality of having a pure soul. That is what makes Randy a true healer!

Dr. Farzad Farahmand. Farzad-dc@hotmail.com 



  "I have known Randy for several years.  I first met him when getting PT for a neck injury.  Recently I have gotten chair massages when attending scrap-booking events.  He's a great massage therapist and is so nice.  I highly recommend his services."

Laurie Beerman.


***** "Great place to go for a really relaxing massage/stretching, very professional and has helped me quite a bit with my back pain. Go check it out!"

David Martin. theeeavester@yahoo.com 


"Super clean faculty, very nice extra touches re lighting & atmosphere, Randy is knowlegable w/ great breathing & stratching exercises."

Beatrice Avila. beavila@aol.com 


"I've been receiving massage therapy for a slight back injury. If you know me you'll also know I'm not generally comfortable being touched by strangers. But I have to say / share that one of my best decisions ever was to get a therapeutic massage from Randy of Rands Hands Therapeutic Massage. After my massage on Tuesday I noticed immediate improvement and pain relief. My follow up visit in Thursday was just as great and I'm able to move like normal. I'm definitely going to book more visits for preventive maintenance and general relaxation therapy. If you're as particular as I am and only want the best, be sure to contact Randy directly and book your session today!"

Will Brennisen. 


"I am learning the art of treating myself and giving myself a place to truly relax without any other distractions. Thanks to a visit to Rands Hands Therapeutic Massage & Stretching on Saturday, it is Monday and I am still feeling relaxed."

Amber Plummer. takeafroto@att.net 


Randy, Thank you so much. One of the best massages I have ever had. I feel so much better due to your amazing hands and techniques. You are truly gifted in your art of healing. Thank You for helping me! I am actually in no pain the past two days, AMAZING my new friend.

Andrew Chesis. Andrew.chesis@att.net 


Randy is excellent if you have any pains and aches. I came in with excruciating sciatica pain and his method of stretching and massage got me almost pain free. We've scheduled another session in a week and I am positive, my pain will be gone completely thereafter. I can only highly recommend him as a therapist, a massage wizard, and an all around nice and soothing person!

Evie Sullivan. eviesullivan@yahoo.com


Randy is professional and very nice! He takes the time to find out what ailments you have, and is very knolegable about the proper treatment for you depending on your needs. I would recommend him to anyone.

Patricia Wurts.  maxwurts13@yahoo.com