Rands Hands
Deep Stretching • Massage Therapy


Hi There!

Do you need a therapist who can help with nagging low back pain? How about neck & shoulder pain?? or joint issues? Do you suffer from headaches?? or stress & tension??? How about anxiety?  


Welcome to Rands Hands!


I offer fully clothed-full body stretching / massage therapy / Core Strengthening, I can and will help you. My goal is to provide an individualized, therapeutic treatment custom tailored to meet each client's unique needs & specific areas of concern... 

My work is a 12 session treatment process with a few follow-up visits to support the changes in the body, you may continue beyond 12 treatments as well...

I recommend at the least, one treatment a month...

Allow me to help you on your journey to free your self from the aches & pains that have accumulated throughout your life... Let your journey of healing begin!